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General Terms and Conditions
valid from 1st March 2018

Introductory Provisions 

  1. The Operator of the Portal of (hereinafter referred to as the "Portal") is a ResellCompany s. r. o., registered at Turnianska 7, 851 07 Bratislava, Slovakia, Company ID registration number: 51172941, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sro, No.: 123930/B, and represented by Executive Director Richard Osvald, established under the legal order of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator"). Through the portal Operator provides Advertisers with the space to buy and sell unique goods, street wear clothing which are made and labelled by the brands: Adidas, Adidas originals, ASSC, Balenciaga, BAPE, CDG, Champion, Gosha, Gucci, Jordan, Kith, Nike, Off White, Palace, Patta, Pink Dolphin, Places+Faces, Polar, Raf Simons, Stussy, Supreme, Thrasher, Vans, Vetements and Vlone (hereinafter referred to as the "Advertised Marks"). Advertisements of other than Advertised Marks may only be done under the terms of these General Terms and Conditions. The Portal is not intended to advertise widely available goods, i.e. the goods that are usually sold in larger quantities on the territory of the Slovak Republic or the surrounding countries. Such goods cannot be considered as a part of Advertised Marks.
  2. The Operator of the Portal is not responsible for the content of advertisements published on the Portal due to the fact the Operator is not the seller of advertised goods, but only provides the space for publication of the relevant retailers' offers. Through the portal the Operator acts as a middleman between the supply and the demand parties, however, the Operator is not responsible for the actual sales and purchases, for quality of the goods, originality, delivery, payment of the purchase price and fulfilment of any other obligations incurred between the buyer and the seller. The Operator is not responsible for the misuse of the data by third parties as the information in question has been voluntarily made available to the public by the Advertiser publishing the data in their advertisement.
  3. The Operator has the right to modify, upgrade, or otherwise modify the services offered in the Portal and the General Terms and Conditions of the Portal without the prior consent of the Portal Advertisers.
  4. The Operator reserves the right to delete any advertisement, to cancel the registration of any Advertiser, or to deny the access to any user of the Portal under the conditions set forth below.

Advertising Policy

  1. Advertisements that do not comply with the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic shall be prohibited.
  2. It is forbidden to place advertisements that are in conflict with good behaviour.
  3. It is forbidden to create duplicate and fictitious advertisements or the advertisements created for the purpose of deceiving a buyer (e.g. advance deposit payment, "phishing", etc.).
  4. It is prohibited to execute duplicate registrations.
  5. All advertised information must be available directly from the advertisement text, it is forbidden to type "For more information write to email".
  6. It is forbidden to remove or enter false contact details when registering as well as subsequently in the user profile (e.g. fictitious or non-existent telephone number).
  7. It is forbidden to place advertisements claiming an unrealistic price, or with the statement "negotiable price", these advertisements will be deleted. The amount in the advertisements must be final and without additional charges.
  8. It is prohibited to post advertisements with ATX numbers and phone numbers with special charges, to insert commercial advertising (promotion of companies, entrepreneurs, services, other websites, other advertising space, etc.)
  9. It is forbidden to insert advertising photos for another or similar kind of goods or services and unrealistic photos (copied from other advertisements or by other Advertisers). As a consequence these photos or all advertising will be deleted.
  10. It is forbidden to advertise the service or your gainful activity.
  11. It is forbidden to use abusive, vulgar or aggressive terms in description or in any advertising text or in communication with the interested or the Operator's employees, whether electronic or verbal. 

Other Provisions 

  1. An Advertiser is any person (natural person or legal person established under applicable law) selling their private property (the goods of Advertised Marks).
  2. The Advertiser is authorized to place advertisements for the purpose of buying or selling the goods - clothing of Advertised Marks. Sale or advertising of any other goods than Advertised Marks is only possible after prior approval by the Operator of the Portal, based on the Operator's sole proprietary assessment.
  3. Before publishing any advertisement on the Portal the Advertiser is obliged to register and pay the relevant advertising fee. Registration is processed by filling in the online registration form for Advertisers. The information provided in the registration form must be true and up-to-date. The current fees for publishing advertising as well as other prices and payment information are further specified and posted on the Portal in Publishing Fees Section.
  4. Any advertising will be published on the Portal only after full and early settlement of the relevant advertising fee, i.e. after the amount in question has been credited to the Operator's account, and for the period corresponding to the fee paid. In the case of removal of advertising under the rules set forth in the General Terms and Conditions, the Advertiser is not entitled to a refund of the advertising fee.
  5. The Advertiser is fully responsible for the content of the offers published (advertisements), including their text and photographs. The Advertiser is obligated to make sure that the content is in compliance with all generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, in particular:
    • - The Advertiser is obliged to advertise only items the sale of which is allowed in the Slovak Republic and their acquisition has been made in accordance with generally binding legal norms of the Slovak Republic.
    • - The Advertiser is obliged to modify the content of advertising in such a way it does not interfere with the rights of other private Advertisers and/or any other persons, and in no way it prejudices their person, reputation, does not harm national, racial, ethnic, political, religious and/or any other groups of people.
    • - The Advertiser is not allowed to offer in advertising any products other than those which are permitted under The General Conditions and which are directly related to the advertisement in question.
    • - The Advertiser is not allowed to publish the same offer simultaneously multiple times.
    • - The Advertiser is responsible for truthfulness and up-to-dateness of all personal data as well as any other data.
  6. The Operator of the Portal is entitled at any time, even without prior notification to the Advertiser, to remove from the Portal any advertisements that have been published in violation of the General Terms and Conditions and/or generally binding legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic, and the Operator is also entitled to cancel an Advertiser's portal that has violated the policies outlined in the General Terms and Conditions, and without prior notice as well. In any of the above cases the Advertiser is not entitled to a refund of any advertising fee or any other financial settlement by the Operator. 

Return Policy

  1. In case of a complaint the Advertiser is  obligated to contact the Operator in writing at the
  2. The complaint must contain a specific description of the claim.
  3. The Operator of the Portal of is obliged to review each complaint and, if justified, is required to take steps to remedy it.
  4. The Operator is also required to notify the Advertiser of their position on the subject matter of the claim and, if the subject is considered as relevant, will promptly inform the Advertiser of the findings and steps to remedy it and recall the will solve the complaint within 30 days of the date of the complaint receipt. 


  1. The Advertiser provides the Operator with personal data by Act No. 122/2013 of Coll. of Law on Personal Data Protection, as amended, to provide services on the portal voluntarily, and agrees that the Operator should process and deal with the data in accordance with Act on Personal Data Protection Act.
  2. By registering with the Portals the Advertiser gives the consent to publish their own contact information (to the extent given, i.e. the data the Advertiser provides themselves) in the advertisements.
  3. Information on Advertisers of the portal will only be used by the Operator within the limits of Act on Personal Data Protection. The Operator stores only the name and surname, the Advertiser's email address and phone number, company name, company ID and the address entered by the Advertiser when adding an advert, or published in an advertisement or the user account.
  4. By using the service the Advertiser agrees to process, collect and use this information.


  1. All data (photos, graphics, product descriptions, texts except advertising) listed on the Portal is protected by copyright and cannot be used without the prior written consent of the Operator. 

Final Provisions

  1. The Operator reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions without any prior notice to Advertisers. In the event of a change in the General Terms of Conditions or the Terms of Return Policy, the entire advertising process is governed by the general business terms valid at the time when Advertisers placed their advertisements.
  2. The obligation to written notification of any changes to the General Terms and Conditions is fulfilled by placing them on the Operator's website or Portals.
  3. The General Terms and Conditions become effective to the Advertiser on the date of crediting the Operator's account with the fee for publication of advertising.
  4. Prior to sending the order the Advertiser will be prompted to check the box to confirm that they have learnt and read the terms and conditions, understood and agreed with them in full.
  5. The General Terms and Conditions, including their integral parts, shall come into force and become effective on 1st March 2018.
  6. The legal relations between the Operator and the Advertiser not expressly regulated by these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the legislation in force in the Slovak Republic.
  7. The General Terms and Conditions are made in Slovak language and in English language versions.

In Bratislava, on 1st March 2018.

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